New Means For God’s Glory!

If you are Christian, and you view the world through the lens of a Christian worldview then you're most likely a very distressed person. You are probably distressed for any number of legitimate reasons; it could be your weaknesses as you seek to imitate Christ, or the state of the church, or Christianity's waning influence in global affairs etc.

Or perhaps for you it is the unpopularity of a Christian worldview in the world today. I mean let's face it, the tenets of Christianity are getting less popular by the second, Christianity is not a religion in vogue, not by a long shot.

If you're distressed by the fact that Christianity and it's tenets are no longer popular, then that's a good thing! Jesus gave an explanation for that in the gospel according to John.

John 15:19
 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

So there's that, we shouldn't be expecting the world to cozy up to us anytime soon. Now the fact that the world doesn't like Christianity or align with it's values means that a lot of the products of this world's system, will reflect the world's values which run counter to Christian values. For example in a Christian utopia (Eden anyone?) we wouldn't have to deal with say pornography because everyone would have Christ centered values, and no one would think of something like that. Alas it is not a Christian utopia.

The disparity between Christianity and the world, means that for every new idea that comes to fruition that doesn't reflect Christ, one more hurdle for Christians to cross on their quest to glorify God as they journey through the earth is born. Sometime ago for example there was no internet but now there is an internet, and although the internet is an amoral entity, the proliferation of say pornography on the internet coupled with the ever increasing ease of access to the web, means that the fight for sexual purity is now much harder than it was years before these things came to be, because illicit sex is now just a click away, no longer a hidden affair in a bush on moonlit nights (if you're Ibo).

This pattern of creation applies to pretty much every sphere of life, as the world moves further away from God, it's inventions, ideals, products mostly become extra sources of problem for a Christian.

As I pondered in this tonight (and fried plantain) an unlikely scripture came to my mind.

1Corinthians 10:31
 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Considering that I was pondering the ever increasing possibilities for sin in the world, I found it strange that this verse could come to mind, it's impossible to use pornography for example to the glory of God! Or is it?

As I thought about it, I realized that food and drink in that verse were meant to be a means of giving glory to God (gives purpose to our eating if you ask me). Food and drink could just as easily been a means of dishonoring God (gluttony, drunkenness). So essentially I surmised that everything can be a means of giving God the glory. For example as I pointed out earlier pornography is now easily accessible being just a click (tap?) away, and yet as billions of Christians around the world turn their back on pornography to follow Jesus, God is glorified and honored in the world.

So the product (pornography) which the devil created to cause a stumbling block for Christians, has become just another means of glorifying God! In this same vein every non Christian product, value, system we come in contact with, is a temptation, a means of trying to lure us away from God; and yet because God has made grace available for us, that product, value, system has also inadvertently become just another means of giving glory to God, as we turn away from it and acknowledge him only. So yes the world continues to churn out distractions by the second, it is up to us to either view these things as problems, or as new means of giving God glory.

The devil must think he is smart churning out all this newer and fancier ways to sin, but in the words of Joseph in Egypt, "what he has meant for evil, the Lord has meant for good for us!" Every challenge is a new means for showing forth God's glory!

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